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January 5, 2024
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Factors Affecting Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Bountiful, UT

Motorcycle insurance is a critical form of financial protection for any responsible biker. These policies can ensure you have access to the funds and resources needed to repair your vehicle and manage unforeseen financial obligations, such as those from accidents and incidents occurring while parked.

While motorcycle insurance is essential, it may also be complicated and represent a significant financial investment. Fortunately, working with a qualified insurance professional, such as those at Axcess Insurance, can help you understand your coverage options and secure an adequate policy at the best rates.man riding motorcycle on concrete street

What Affects the Cost of Motorcycle Insurance?

When making choices about your motorcycle insurance coverage, you should first understand the options available to you and any formal obligations. For example, in most states, including Utah, motorcyclists are legally required to carry bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. Furthermore, if you’ve financed your bike, your lender may require you to carry additional coverage until your loan is paid off.

After ensuring that you’ve satisfied any legal requirements and therefore can avoid noncompliance fines and penalties, you should consider how the following factors may impact your motorcycle insurance rates:

  • Location—Where you live and store your bike can significantly impact your premiums because local accident and crime rates and traffic density can impact how insurance companies assess your risk levels.
  • Driving records—Like standard auto insurance policies you might get for a car, motorcycle insurance rates can also be affected if you have a record of traffic violations and are therefore perceived as an unsafe rider. Conversely, more experienced bikers with clean records may enjoy lower costs.
  • Motorcycle details—The specifications and details of your bike can also play a significant role in determining your premiums. Insurance companies may consider your vehicle’s age, value and model, as well as any custom modifications.
  • Insured’s age—Insurance companies may also consider policyholders’ ages, with younger and older riders often having to pay more for coverage.
  • Use habits—How often and far you ride your motorcycle throughout the course of a year can play a significant role in determining your rates.
  • Claims history—Insurance companies may quote you higher prices if you’ve made frequent claims against your motorcycle insurance policies.
  • Policy details—The coverages you select, endorsements you add, deductibles and policy limits directly impact your premiums.

There may also be ways to lower your rates without compromising coverage. For example, taking safety courses and bundling your policy with other types of coverage often qualify you for discounts.

We’re Here to Help

At Axcess Insurance, our team is equipped with extensive experience and knowledge regarding motorcycle coverage. We will work with you to analyze your circumstances, identify your needs and compile an ideal policy at an optimal rate. Contact us today to learn more.


This blog is intended for informational and educational use only. It is not exhaustive and should not be construed as legal advice. Please contact your insurance professional for further information.

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