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Auto Service Insurance in Bountiful, UT

Having insurance for an auto repair shop is of utmost importance due to the inherent risks involved in the industry. As an auto repair shop owner, you face potential liabilities every day, such as accidents on your premises, damage to customers’ vehicles or injuries to your employees. Without the appropriate coverage, these incidents could lead to substantial financial losses that could jeopardize the future of your business.

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need for an Auto Repair Shop?

Running an auto repair shop involves various risks, so it’s essential to have appropriate insurance to protect your business. Here are some key insurance policies typically recommended for an auto repair shop:

  • General liability insurance may help provide coverage for third-party bodily injury, property damage and related legal expenses. It could financially protect you if a customer gets injured on your premises or if their vehicle is damaged while in your care.
  • Garage keepers liability insurance may help financially protect customers’ vehicles while in your care, custody and control. It can pay for damage caused by covered events (e.g., fires, theft, vandalism and severe weather) on your premises.
  • Commercial property insurance may help financially protect your building, equipment, tools and inventory against covered events. It may also cover the cost of repairing or replacing this property.
  • Commercial auto insurance is necessary if your shop owns or operates vehicles for business purposes, such as customer pickups or deliveries. It may help provide coverage for accidents, liability incidents and property damage involving company-owned vehicles.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance may help cover medical expenses and lost wages for employees who become injured or ill while on the job.
  • Business interruption insurance may help replace lost income and cover ongoing expenses if your auto repair shop is temporarily unable to operate due to covered events.
  • Cyber liability insurance may help financially protect your shop against data breaches, cyberattacks or other cyber incidents that could compromise company or customer data.

It’s essential to consult an experienced insurance agent or broker who can assess your specific needs and help tailor an insurance package that suits your auto repair shop’s requirements. They can provide guidance on coverage limits, deductibles and additional policies that may be necessary based on your operations and location.

At Axcess Insurance, our dedicated staff has extensive experience helping businesses in the Bountiful area acquire and maintain optimal coverage. We will work with you to assess your risks and exposures, explore your options and compile an ideal insurance portfolio. Contact us  today to get started.

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