Annual Insurance Review


Auto / Car Insurance Review

If applicable, do any of your licensed children qualify for the good student discount for grades of at least a 'B' or above?
Have you purchased/sold a vehicle lately that needs to be added or removed from your policy?
Are all of your vehicles insured through Axcess Insurance Group?
Do you have another car to use in the event your car needs to be repaired because of a claim?
Have you added any equipment to your vehicle other than the manufacturer-installed items?
Have you recently purchased any of the following miscellaneous vehicles? (Please check all that apply)

Homeowners Insurance

Are there any new additions, remodeling projects, or updates to your home? (i.e. new roofing or siding)
Are there any valuables in your basement potentially exposed to water damage?
Are there any types of business being conducted from your home?
Have you recently purchased any of the following? (Please check all that apply)

Additional Information

(Optional) Are you interested in...

...coverage that protects you against identity theft? umbrella policy that can protect your family and assets against large personal liability lawsuits?
...reviewing life insurance policies? annuity savings plan, such as IRA or Roth?
...exploring options to change your deductible and possibly save money?
...a hassle-free electronic payment option for your insurance bill?

We appreciate your feedback!

Thank you for your time

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