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Keeping you secure in cost-efficient ways

There are all kinds of reasons to get insurance.  Staying secure while driving, protecting a home, and investing in a child’s future are just the beginning of these reasons.  No matter an individual’s reason for purchasing insurance is, his or her reason has to do with risk.  Insurance mitigates risk and makes it possible for insured individuals to avoid paying all of the costs associated with recovering from accidents and/or damages of various kinds.  

At Axcess Insurance Group, LLC, we know that staying protected through insurance is an unavoidable drain on one’s finances.  We also know that, in most cases, those who search for insurance look for the cheapest insurance solution possible.  What those who look for cheap insurance don’t often know is that low rates do not equate with adequate coverage.  In fact, these rates often leave insured individuals unprotected in critical ways and ultimately can saddle policyholders with devastating costs.

We’ll be honest with you – we can provide you with cheap insurance, and we will provide it to you.  However, we will provide you with insurance that matches your needs and the costs of this insurance will be as low as they can be.  Some carriers, especially those on a national scale, make it easy to buy cheap insurance without telling you what you’re getting, and in most cases, these carriers do not equip you for damages and accidents.  

Being equipped to handle damages and accidents means having the right coverage and being insured by an agent or agency that will fight for you if and when a claim is filed.  At Axcess Insurance Group, we not only give you the most cost-effective insurance possible, but we ensure that you get the money that you deserve from carriers.  We shop on your behalf for the lowest possible rates and we actively represent you if you need to use your insurance.

Insurance Options and Coverage Details

We have a wide variety of insurance offerings, both personal and commercial.  Home, auto, life, and recreational vehicle policies are just some of our personal options.  Our business program is one of our commercial offerings, containing options that keep any commercial enterprise in Utah protected for the right price.  Our policy options for specific industries also keep businesses protected for the right prices, and we’ll provide you any of these options if you need it.

Cheap insurance doesn’t have to be cheap just because of law rates.  Cost-effective insurance can be cheap because it’s part of a combination of different insurance policies.  At Axcess Insurance, we combine policies whenever we can.  Home & auto combinations are among the most common of those we design, and we’ll custom-tailor a combination to fit your story.  It will save you time and money and will make staying protected easier.  See our home & auto page to learn more.

Multi-line policies are the result of insurance bundles.  These types of policies can be personal or commercial.  If you need to save money and can bundle different policies that you own, we’ll bundle policies comprising your current coverage.  Just contact an agent to learn more about your options.  

How to Begin

We will begin by assessing your specific needs and getting a sense for what kinds of insurance are appropriate for you.  We will shop on your behalf for the best possible coverages, then create a solution that fits you.  Once the solution is in place, we will regularly monitor it and keep you informed.  

We will professionally manage your risk and see any claims filed through from start to finish and beyond.  As a result you will reduce the risk of facing unnecessary losses when you need help the most.  We will go to bat for you and get the money that you deserve from insurance companies.  

We are reachable whenever you want or need to get a hold of us, so getting the information that you need in order to make the best decisions will be easy.

Additional Insurance Information:

We’re proud to provide cost-effective insurance in North Salt Lake, Ogden, Bountiful, Layton, South Salt Lake, and Salt Lake City, UT.  We also serve other areas in the state.

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